Wednesday, July 2, 2014


­I believe everyone should have a bucket list.

First of, if you don’t know what a bucket list is, it’s a list, of things you’d like to do before you die. Could be anything from eating a certain food, to climbing Mt.Everest.

Even if you know you won’t get all of it done, which is totally understandable, having goals/things you’d like to do before you die is really important for me.

The ‘thing’ I use to write my bucket list in, is just a simple little notebook that my friend Georgia gave me for my birthday. I write the goal/thing I want to do on the left page, and when I hopefully will eventually do it, I stick in some sort of evidence on the right page (i.e. ticket, photo, etc.).

{The first page of the notebook has a really cool map, that I love}

So here it is:

1. Swim with dolphins
2. Go to Bora Bora
3. Take a photo in front of Leaning Tower of Pisa
4. Go snow boarding
5. Go rock climbing in real outdoors
6. Swim with sharks
7. Hike a mountain
8. Do the Hollywood sign hike 
7. Watch the sun rise
8. Go see Celine Dion live
9. Meet someone famous
10. Make a snow man
11. Make a layered cake (4+)
12. Get my skipper's license 
13. Go bungee jumping
14. Visit Paris
15. Go to Disney Land
16. Driver's license - CHECK
17. Ride an elephant 
18. Visit Greece
19. Meet a Kardashian or Jenner
20. Have a Starbucks - CHECK
21. Go scuba diving 
22. Send a message in a bottle
23. Go paint balling
24. Fire a gun
25. Sky dive
26. Road trip with no destination, just a map, money and friends
27. Walk along the Great Wall of China
28. Hold a snake 
29. Go to Ellen's show 
30. Visit New York
31. Ride a gondola in Venice
32. Go to a One Direction concert - CHECK
33. Visit a concentration camp

{I will try to keep updating this list as time goes on}

xx C 


  1. I love the notebook and the way you've set it up with the space for proof! Such a cool idea